2012 "Medicine Fragrance" Liu Bao

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This tea was produced in 2012 by a small factory in Wuzhou. It is made of grade 1 material with a longer fermentation level, evidenced in the nearly black leaves.

Tasting notes

Medicine fragrance is a less common flavor profile of liu bao tea.

It has savory flavors that evolve into a grassy sweetness. There's a chewy thickness to the tea. The medicine flavors are subtle: to me, it has more of an herbal flavor than medicine, thankfully lacking the unpleasant pungent flavors that Traditional Chinese Medicine formulas can have.

Brewing tips (gongfu)

This tea yields thicker flavor with longer infusions without becoming unpleasant, and yet remains durable, lasting many infusions. My kettle holds about 900ml of water, and one of my durability tests is whether I have to refill the kettle before the tea is done giving up flavor, and this one emptied the kettle. 

Storage history

Storage is clean, with no moldy flavor or aroma. It was aged naturally in Wuzhou until 2020, then in Seattle, Washington. Wuzhou has a humid subtropical climate with an average relative humidity of 60-80%. It was not "wood warehoused" before being packaged for sale in 2020.

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