2014 3 Cranes Grade 2 Shu Liu Bao Basket

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This is a 3 Cranes/Wuzhou Tea Factory production of grade 2 medium-light fermentation leaves produced in 2014 and aged for a little over 5 years until it was packaged for sale in 2019. 

Whole 500g purchases come in the original packaging: tea leaves in a basket and the decorative box. 

Tasting notes

The rinsed leaves give off a woody fragrance typical of liu bao, with a little sulphur, which is typical of higher grade liu bao from the 3 Cranes brand. The wood extends into the flavor and aftertaste, where it's joined by an oily/nutty flavor something like walnut. It's on the whole a bit lighter than many other liu bao we carry, because of its medium-light fermentation.

Storage history

Storage is clean, with no moldy flavor or aroma. The tea was then aged in Wuzhou until 2020, when it arrived in Seattle, Washington. Wuzhou has a humid subtropical climate with an average relative humidity of 60-80%.

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