2015/2018 3 Cranes "2506" Liu Bao

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This is affordably priced "daily drinker" liu bao is made from grade 2 material produced in 2015 and matured until it was packed for retail in 2018. This is a shu/ripe liu bao tea from the most well-known brand, 3 Cranes, of the largest liu bao tea processor, Wuzhou Tea Factory. It's a near even blend of two base teas, one with a heavier and one with a lighter level of fermentation.

Whole 1000g purchases come in the original packaging, tea leaves in a basket and a carrying bag. 

Tasting notes

This tea has sweet aromas and flavors of wood and betelnut, a smooth mouthfeel and a long aftertaste. It brews best with slightly longer infusions or slightly more leaf than average, which makes it very forgiving, hard to oversteep.

Storage history

Storage is clean, with no moldy flavor or aroma. It was stored in Wuzhou until 2019, when it arrived in Seattle, Washington. Wuzhou has a humid subtropical climate with an average relative humidity of 60-80%.

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