2017/2014 3 Cranes 2409 Liu Bao

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Made from older tree grade 2 material produced in 2014 and aged in wood warehouse storage until 2017, this liu bao falls somewhere between factory and "farmer style" liu bao. It's a blend of mostly lighter wet-piled leaves with a small amount of medium wet-piled leaves.

Whole 900g purchases come in the original packaging, tea leaves in a basket and a decorative box. Unfortunately, all of the stickers closing the top of the box were broken in transit from China. However, the rest of the packaging remains intact.

Tasting notes

This tea has an aroma of incense and a rich flavor in the "wine" flavor profile. It is very durable across infusions when brewed gongfu style: I manage to brew at least 6 good infusions from this tea before the flavor starts to wane.

Storage history

Storage is clean, with no moldy flavor or aroma. The raw material was aged in traditional wood warehouse storage before packaging in 2017. It was then aged in Wuzhou until 2019, when it arrived in Seattle, Washington. Wuzhou has a humid subtropical climate with an average relative humidity of 60-80%.