2018 Rou Gui Wuyi Oolong

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Roast: Medium-heavy charcoal roast

Source: Fujian province, Wuyi (supposedly the Zhengyan district)


This is a charcoal-roasted Wuyi oolong tea of the Rou Gui varietal, picked in April 2018 and roasted thereafter. Sold to us as being from the Zheng Yan ("Original Cliff") part of Wuyi Mountain, and although its traditional slow charcoal roast, thick flavor and aroma are impressive, given the affordable price, we remain skeptical.

Tasting notes

The traditional low-and-slow charcoal roasting process gives this tea a bright and deep orange color and a sweet toasted flavor that remains present across all infusions. It has a delicious spicy aroma and long-lasting flavors that border on fruity, becoming more floral in later infusions. 

Storage: This was purchased by us in 2019 and aged in Seattle in sealed foil-lined bags.

More about this tea

The name of the varietal of Camellia sinensis this tea is harvested from is called "Rou Gui", meaning "cassia" or "cinnamon", named for its aroma. 

The Rou Gui mother bush was originally found near Shuilian Cave on Wuyi Mountain in the 1960s by the Tea Research Institute of Wuyi, who cloned the bush and helped place it into production. It has since become one of the most popular and common oolong varietals, with more than 30,000 acres in production.

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