2019 Dayi 8592 Shu Pu'er Cake

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The 8592 cake is a classic Dayi shu pu'er recipe made of larger leaf (grade 9) material blended with some smaller leaf to strengthen the flavor and aroma. This is the 2019 pressing, first pressing (batch no. 1901). As with other Dayi productions, this is made of material that was allowed to age at least a year before pressing.

The 8592 is known for developing "jujube fragrance" (枣香, zǎo xiāng) as it ages, the slightly sweet and fruity aroma and flavor of dried jujubes. 

Each cake is approximately 357g. Order a full stack of 7, and it will arrive in the paper "tong" packaging pictured here.

Tasting notes

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Brewing tips

Usually, to pull more flavor and aroma from larger leaf pu'er, it's typical to adjust your gongfu ratio to add a bit more leaf, to steep longer each infusion, or both. This tea has larger leaves, but with an amount of smaller leaves and buds included for some added punch. As such, we find only a small adjustment is needed for the 8592: we use 7.5g or 8g to 100ml of water instead of our usual 7.


This tea was stored in Menghai County, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province until we purchased it in 2020 directly from Dayi. It has been stored in Seattle since then.