Seattle Buddhist Church "Trainware" Teapot

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Trainware describes the utensils and serving ware used to serve ekiben, or travel lunches, on Japanese trains and at train stations/stops in the mid-20th century.

This small stoneware teapot is a reproduction or homage to trainware by the Seattle Buddhist Church. The pot's loose-fitting lid with glazed interior serves as the teacup.

The Seattle Buddhist Church began in the early 20th century when seven immigrant Japanese men met in stores and restaurants for Buddhist worship. They constructed a temple that was subsequently torn down in the late 1930s for a housing project. Kichio Arai, a young architect, was chosen to design the church building that stands today at 1427 Main Street in Seattle's historic Chinatown-International District.

Volume: Pot is 215ml to the brim; lid/cup is 30ml to the brim

Dimensions (approximate): Pot is 9 cm tall including the lid/cup by 9 cm wide. Lid/cup is 6 cm across and 2 cm tall.