Gold-Colored Metal Tea Jar, Fukujuen Tea Company

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Founded in 1790 and headquartered in what's now Kizugawa town, Kyoto Prefecture, Fukujuen Tea Factory specializes in Uji green tea (宇治茶).

The large tea (茶) character is flanked on either side by the characters for Uji (宇 and 治). The bottom is labeled with the company name and the old name of the town their headquarters is in, Yamashiro, which in 2007 was combined with two other towns, Kamo and Kizu, to create the municipality of Kizugawa.

This jar features two lids for relatively air-tight storage and comes with its original gift packaging. I can't accurately date the jar, but given the state of the packaging, it wouldn't surprise me to learn this is from the 1990s or earlier.

There's a subtle dent in the lid (visible in the photos) and some light scratches.

Dimensions: 5" tall, 3.5" across