Vintage Japanese Enoshima Benten Bridge Souvenir Cup, Porcelain and Glass

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This gold-rimmed vintage souvenir cup depicts the bridge to the island of Enoshima in multiple overglaze colors, and the name of the bridge is also written on the cup in red overglaze calligraphy 江の島辨天橋 (Enoshima Benten-Bashi).

Its most interesting feature is the glass marble in the center. It doesn't look like anything special, but check out what's visible once the cup has liquid in it!

There are very shallow indentations on the underside that could be a seal, but it's too faint to read.

Likely early mid-20th century.

Dimensions (approx): 2.25" (5.5cm) across, 1.5" (4cm) tall

Volume: 25ml filled to the brim