Vintage Red and Gold Kutani-ware Married Couple Lidded Teacups, Set of Two

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This vintage set of 夫婦湯のみ (meoto yunomi, married couple teacups), is gorgeously hand-painted in red and gold overglaze depicting peonies, a peacock and figures sitting under a tree. I really love the detail on the figures' kimonos: one with characters, one with a ruyi/reishi/cloud pattern (also present in the window panel), and one with geometric designs.

Meoto yunomi are popular wedding presents and come in mismatched sizes on purpose.

I don't have much to go on for dating these, but the gold applique that looks like cloud or fog is most often found on 20th century pieces, and the red and gold stamp is also typical for mid-20th century pieces, 1940s-1970s.

Volume: 140ml (small) and 175ml (small)

Dimensions (approximate, without lid): 8.5cm tall, 5.5 cm across (small cup). 9cm tall, 6cm across (large cup)